Welcome to slimgim designs, a woman-owned,
full service graphic design business based in the Bay Area.

We are pleased to announce two key partnerships with:

Klein & Co logoKlein & Co., a full service marketing and communications firm specializing in brand strategy and development, marketing communications, and events. www.KleinNCo.com • email: Christina Klein, Founder

Synaxis logoSynaxis, a technology marketing firm that brings together the art and science of marketing. Through collaboration with clients and partners, Synaxis consultants plan, build, and execute marketing initiatives that are both data-driven and imaginative. Synaxis can take you from strategy to execution; from design to implementation; and from concept to reality. www.SynaxisConsulting.com • email: John Borozan, Co-Founder

Together, we provide strategic and creative solutions for small businesses and large corporations.

Introducing: niebieski (blue)

slimgim designs is proud to announce the launch of niebieski-blue.org!

niebieski (blue) Founded in September of 2010, niebieski (blue) is an Oakland based, contemporary dance company with the mission of creating works that can meet, engage, and communicate with each audience member regardless of their previous experience seeing and interpreting dance while promoting the growth and development of the next generation of dance makers and dance artists. niebieski (blue) is directed by Frederick Gaudette a local dance maker and dance artist who has performed both locally and nationally with Spectrum Dance Theater (Donald Byrd), Liss Fain Dance (Liss Fain), Oakland Ballet (Ronn Guidi), and others. He is on the teaching staff at Ballet Petit in Hayward and works with several other dance schools/studios in the bay area as well. His work has been produced in Oakland, CA, Redmond WA, and in Chelm, Poland where he works regularly with Estrada Dziecieca as a guest teacher/choreographer.

About the Founder, Frederick Gaudette Frederick Gaudette is an emerging choreographer/director out of San Francisco, CA. His dance credits include Spectrum Dance Theater, Liss Fain Dance, Kunst Stoff, and Oakland Ballet. As a choreographer he has been produced in Redmond, WA, “Smile” (2005), Chelm, Poland, “Bransowy i Niebieski” (2008), and Oakland, CA, “Study for 1” (2009).

In 2010 he founded the contemporary theatrical dance company niebieski (blue), with the mission of facilitating the creation of work by new and emerging artists by assembling a company of versatile dance artists available to participate in an open and experimental creative process, performing repertory by a variety of theatrically based dance makers. His own work combines the physicality and drive of modern dance with the playfulness and theatricality of classical ballet and opera. The vision he carries is to create works that can meet, engage, and communicate with each audience member regardless of their previous experience seeing and interpreting dance.

As a teacher Frederick encourages his professional and student dancers to find the work in their own soul, mind, and body, to fully engage in the creative process, and to know, respect, and present themselves as whole beings and artists. As a teacher he is there to guide his students through the problem solving process that each dancer goes through to discover how to create movement and line with their own body. His training process helps to prepare dancers for the emotional, mental, and physical rigors of life as a full time dance artist, while always remembering that we’re doing this out of love and joy for movement and artistry.

Congratulations to Frederick and niebieski (blue)!

Introducing: Cohen Scientific and Coeus Consulting

Value Based Business Consulting

Cohen Scientific International (CSI) is a cutting-edge technology services company with a focus on business solutions and implementation services.

The Company offers flexible project delivery capabilities by providing clients a choice of service options between preconfigured packages or custom solutions provided by either onsite consultants or off-site remote support.

CSI consists of two divisions:

  • Cohen Scientific Consulting utilizes its operations and biotechnology knowledge to deliver a range of product and process development solutions, as well as custom product and process development services, and product transfer management for internal manufacturing or for external manufacturing with qualified contract manufacturers.
  • Coeus Consulting applies its business solutions knowledge to deliver a range of Strategic HR Technology Solutions, which include application development and maintenance, upgrades and system enhancements.

Announcing Charlotte Moore's Catering...Now Online!

Charlotte Moore has been in the hospitality industry for 23 years. Charlotte's hats have included Director of Catering for Stanford University; General Manager of Catering for Bon Appetit Management Company; and Director of Catering for the Galleria, Show Place, and Concourse in San Francisco.

Today Charlotte marks 14 years as owner of Charlotte Moore's Catering. One of her milestones includes being private caterer for Heidi Roizen of Atherton for 14 years. Some of those events have been for esteemed guests including Queen Noor of Jordan, Francis Ford Coppola, the Prime Minister of Belize, and Bill Gates.

Based in Antioch, California, Charlotte Moore's Catering has clients scattered throughout the California Bay Area, including Alameda, Atherton, Brentwood, Menlo Park, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Woodside.

Owner Charlotte Moore takes pride in three principles surrounding the business: Experience, Quality and Excellence. Charlotte listens to her clients and executes with precision.

Visit her new web site at www.CharlotteMooreCatering.com.

Introducing RebootYou.com

RebootYou.com is dedicated to those who reject the traditional notion of retirement as a time of inactivity. Rebooters are people who have reinvented themselves after ending one career, and are now fully engaged in pursuing a new career.

The trigger for reinvention may be retirement, recovery from a health crisis, or any other major life event. Whatever the reason, the important thing is the redirection and the desire to “keep going.”

Rebooters are remaining active because they still have the talent, energy and desire to keep making a contribution to something worth pursuing.

They want to keep doing something for the world and their fellow human beings. They may be serving as volunteers without pay, or they may be continuing to work for pay.

Rebooters have discovered that life doesn’t come to a sudden halt at age 65, or at any other artificial milestone at which society, the law, or their company’s rules say it’s time to quit.

What rebooters have in common is that they are not quitters. They want to keep on keeping on.

This website, founded by Lee Callaway, is designed to help people reboot themselves and offers resources, examples, stories, inspiration and information to help you make a transition to your next career.

Introducing Bergez & Associates

slimgim designs is proud to announce Bergez & Associates Landscape Design. Committed to forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious landscape design, Bergez & Associates creates uncommon outdoor environments on both small- and large-scale projects by utilizing sound, yet creative, design principles and practices.

Bergez & Associates Landscape Design was featured in the July 2007 issue of Sunset Magazine.

Author Candice Kelsey

slimgim designs presents Marlowe & Company author Candice Kelsey, who has written GENERATION MYSPACE. Kelsey's first book is an unprecedented look at the new online adolescence to help decode its rules, the way it's changing your child's life, and how you can reconnect.

Candice M. Kelsey is the cofounder of a private high school in Santa Monica, California, where she spends her days mediating online-related dramas among her students. She earned her M.A. from Loyola Marymount University and has more than 200 hours of professional development in education and teen counseling. She is an evaluator for the College Board’s Advanced Placement program, the S.A.T., and the U.S. Department of Education.

Author Marisa Cohen

slimgim designs presents Seal Press author Marisa Cohen, who has written DELIVER THIS! MAKE THE CHILDBIRTH CHOICE THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU . . . NO MATTER WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS. From Marisa's web site: Today, there are more options than ever for how to deliver your baby—from the most home-like to the most high-tech—but whichever option you choose, someone out there will be happy to tell you that her way was better. Deliver This! provides a thorough overview of all the birthing options available to today’s moms— home birth, birth centers, hospital birth (with or without anesthetics), elective and medically necessary C-sections—giving voice to mothers who have made conscious choices about why a particular option was best for them.

Author Patty Friedmann

We at slimgim designs are proud to have author and friend, Patty Friedmann, as our client. She has spent her life in New Orleans, and consequently is a Katrina victim and a survivor. Some of her titles include A LITTLE BIT RUINED and SIDE EFFECTS. Her book SECONDHAND SMOKE is said to be like the work Confederacy of Dunces. The Times-Picayune and Publishers Weekly both have good things to say about her books. Her cynicism comes through in her literary scenes, as well as in life, with ideas such as impeaching President Bush.