Welcome to slimgim designs, a woman-owned,
full service graphic design business based in the Bay Area.

We are pleased to announce two key partnerships with:

Klein & Co logoKlein & Co., a full service marketing and communications firm specializing in brand strategy and development, marketing communications, and events. www.KleinNCo.com • email: Christina Klein, Founder

Synaxis logoSynaxis, a technology marketing firm that brings together the art and science of marketing. Through collaboration with clients and partners, Synaxis consultants plan, build, and execute marketing initiatives that are both data-driven and imaginative. Synaxis can take you from strategy to execution; from design to implementation; and from concept to reality. www.SynaxisConsulting.com • email: John Borozan, Co-Founder

Together, we provide strategic and creative solutions for small businesses and large corporations.

New art

I've created a new "affordable art" series: the Chops series. They were originally created for myself as a fun experiment to see how they would turn out. They've turned out so well and I've received so much encouragement from people that I'm diving in to making more and more pieces, whether they be for sale or for myself.

This series is simply acrylic and collage on paper, framed in simple clip frames.

Chops, in the Chinese world as I know it, are small signature stamps. These pieces are a small signatures of my work, and I've also literally incorporated the concept of a chop on each glass frame.

I'm excited to present these pieces to a variety of audiences: those on a limited budget who can only afford one or two; and those who are able to afford multiple pieces as part of a larger installation.

Everyone needs a little art on their walls!