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Introducing: niebieski (blue)

slimgim designs is proud to announce the launch of niebieski-blue.org!

niebieski (blue) Founded in September of 2010, niebieski (blue) is an Oakland based, contemporary dance company with the mission of creating works that can meet, engage, and communicate with each audience member regardless of their previous experience seeing and interpreting dance while promoting the growth and development of the next generation of dance makers and dance artists. niebieski (blue) is directed by Frederick Gaudette a local dance maker and dance artist who has performed both locally and nationally with Spectrum Dance Theater (Donald Byrd), Liss Fain Dance (Liss Fain), Oakland Ballet (Ronn Guidi), and others. He is on the teaching staff at Ballet Petit in Hayward and works with several other dance schools/studios in the bay area as well. His work has been produced in Oakland, CA, Redmond WA, and in Chelm, Poland where he works regularly with Estrada Dziecieca as a guest teacher/choreographer.

About the Founder, Frederick Gaudette Frederick Gaudette is an emerging choreographer/director out of San Francisco, CA. His dance credits include Spectrum Dance Theater, Liss Fain Dance, Kunst Stoff, and Oakland Ballet. As a choreographer he has been produced in Redmond, WA, “Smile” (2005), Chelm, Poland, “Bransowy i Niebieski” (2008), and Oakland, CA, “Study for 1” (2009).

In 2010 he founded the contemporary theatrical dance company niebieski (blue), with the mission of facilitating the creation of work by new and emerging artists by assembling a company of versatile dance artists available to participate in an open and experimental creative process, performing repertory by a variety of theatrically based dance makers. His own work combines the physicality and drive of modern dance with the playfulness and theatricality of classical ballet and opera. The vision he carries is to create works that can meet, engage, and communicate with each audience member regardless of their previous experience seeing and interpreting dance.

As a teacher Frederick encourages his professional and student dancers to find the work in their own soul, mind, and body, to fully engage in the creative process, and to know, respect, and present themselves as whole beings and artists. As a teacher he is there to guide his students through the problem solving process that each dancer goes through to discover how to create movement and line with their own body. His training process helps to prepare dancers for the emotional, mental, and physical rigors of life as a full time dance artist, while always remembering that we’re doing this out of love and joy for movement and artistry.

Congratulations to Frederick and niebieski (blue)!