Welcome to slimgim designs, a woman-owned,
full service graphic design business based in the Bay Area.

We are pleased to announce two key partnerships with:

Klein & Co logoKlein & Co., a full service marketing and communications firm specializing in brand strategy and development, marketing communications, and events. www.KleinNCo.com • email: Christina Klein, Founder

Synaxis logoSynaxis, a technology marketing firm that brings together the art and science of marketing. Through collaboration with clients and partners, Synaxis consultants plan, build, and execute marketing initiatives that are both data-driven and imaginative. Synaxis can take you from strategy to execution; from design to implementation; and from concept to reality. www.SynaxisConsulting.com • email: John Borozan, Co-Founder

Together, we provide strategic and creative solutions for small businesses and large corporations.

Introducing Bergez & Associates

slimgim designs is proud to announce Bergez & Associates Landscape Design. Committed to forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious landscape design, Bergez & Associates creates uncommon outdoor environments on both small- and large-scale projects by utilizing sound, yet creative, design principles and practices.

Bergez & Associates Landscape Design was featured in the July 2007 issue of Sunset Magazine.

Author Candice Kelsey

slimgim designs presents Marlowe & Company author Candice Kelsey, who has written GENERATION MYSPACE. Kelsey's first book is an unprecedented look at the new online adolescence to help decode its rules, the way it's changing your child's life, and how you can reconnect.

Candice M. Kelsey is the cofounder of a private high school in Santa Monica, California, where she spends her days mediating online-related dramas among her students. She earned her M.A. from Loyola Marymount University and has more than 200 hours of professional development in education and teen counseling. She is an evaluator for the College Board’s Advanced Placement program, the S.A.T., and the U.S. Department of Education.

Author Marisa Cohen

slimgim designs presents Seal Press author Marisa Cohen, who has written DELIVER THIS! MAKE THE CHILDBIRTH CHOICE THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU . . . NO MATTER WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS. From Marisa's web site: Today, there are more options than ever for how to deliver your baby—from the most home-like to the most high-tech—but whichever option you choose, someone out there will be happy to tell you that her way was better. Deliver This! provides a thorough overview of all the birthing options available to today’s moms— home birth, birth centers, hospital birth (with or without anesthetics), elective and medically necessary C-sections—giving voice to mothers who have made conscious choices about why a particular option was best for them.

Author Patty Friedmann

We at slimgim designs are proud to have author and friend, Patty Friedmann, as our client. She has spent her life in New Orleans, and consequently is a Katrina victim and a survivor. Some of her titles include A LITTLE BIT RUINED and SIDE EFFECTS. Her book SECONDHAND SMOKE is said to be like the work Confederacy of Dunces. The Times-Picayune and Publishers Weekly both have good things to say about her books. Her cynicism comes through in her literary scenes, as well as in life, with ideas such as impeaching President Bush.